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Alaska Trout Fishing

The Kenai River watershed is internationally regarded for its trophy Alaska trout fishing. Arctic char and wild steelhead fishing on the Kenai Peninsula is great too! We practice catch & release for all these fish so they can provide incredible fishing for generations to come.

Guided Kenai Trout Fishing TripsPrice
Full Day (8 hrs: catch & release)$295 / person
Half Day (5 hrs: catch & release)$250 / person

Kenai River Rainbow Trout: June 11 – September

Two deep glacier lakes, millions of salmon eggs and literally tons of salmon flesh produce trophy Alaska rainbow trout in the Kenai River and its tributaries. Drifting egg and flesh patterns with fly rods or light spinning tackle is frequently the most productive technique to catch these spectacular trout which can grow to truly trophy size. Several Kenai tributaries and other small local streams also offer exciting sight fishing to wild Alaska trout for intermediate to advanced fly fishers.

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Dolly Varden: June 11 – September

Dolly Varden look and act a lot like trout, but are part of the char family which includes lake trout, brook trout, and arctic char. The Kenai River and numerous other coastal streams nearby have excellent Dolly Varden fishing. Most “dollies” in our area are sea-run fish that migrate from the ocean into he rivers beginning in late July and all the way into October. They “LOVE” salmon eggs and fly fishing for them can be incredible when the salmon are spawning August -October.

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Steelhead Fishing: September – Early October

Steelhead are considered by many to be the pinnacle of the fly fishing experience. Seasoned anglers can fish a lifetime to hook just an handful, but the mystique and blazing runs when you hook ‘em keep you coming back for more. Alaska Steelhead fishing can be phenomenal and the Kenai Peninsula has some excellent fly fishing for them in the fall months. Unlike most steelhead fisheries around the world where you may get a couple hookups in a week, our anglers can often get multiple hookups each day from hard charging, fresh from the ocean steelhead!

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