Alaska Trout Fishing

The Kenai River watershed is internationally regarded for it’s trophy Alaska Trout fishing. Artic char and wild steelhead fishing is great too!

Kenai River Rainbow Trout & Dolly Varden Char: June 11 – September
Two deep glacier lakes, millions of salmon eggs and literally tons of salmon flesh produce trophy Alaska trout and char in the Kenai River and it’s tributaries. Drifting egg and flesh patterns with fly rods or light spinning tackle is frequently the most productive technique to catch Alaska trout. Several Kenai tributaries and other small local streams also offer exciting sight fishing to wild Alaska trout for intermediate to advanced fly fishers.

Wild Alaska Steelhead: Late August – September
Alaska Steelhead are to Rainbow Trout what Kodiak Brown Bears are to Grizzlies… bigger, stronger and full of attitude. By late August wild steelhead begin arriving in our Kenai Peninsula coastal streams. We successfully use flies or small lures to entice these dime bright, ocean fresh Alaska steelhead to strike. Fly fishing is frequently the most productive Alaska steelhead fishing technique. However, float fishing and spinning tackle can give anyone who’s interested a real shot at our wild Alaska Steelhead.