Alaska Fishing Trip Info

Anchorage Rental Cars:

There are all the national car rental companies at the Ted Stevens Airport in Anchorage. However, rental cars can be cheaper off airport so it’s worth checking into.

Tips to save some money:

Midnight Sun Car Rental is off the airport premises and offers higher milage cars at significantly lower prices than national chains. You get what you pay for so don’t expect brand new vehicles from them.

Costco and AAA offer some discounts with the national chains too.

Soldotna Services:

Soldotna has many convenient amenities and services including numerous markets and restaurants for every budget:  all only a few minutes from our fishing lodge. Fishing tackle is included on all trips and charters and there are great shops and deals here too if you want to bring home some new gear.


The weather can range 40 or more degrees in a day and having warm clothes and waterproof boots or shoes is essential. We have several pairs of rubber boots and also many pairs of commercial grade rubber rain gear for you to use as well. The temperatures can be much cooler in September, but can be in the 30’s in the mornings and up t0 85 degrees in the afternoons almost anytime during the rest of the summer.

Alaska Packing List:

Personal Rain Gear: Good quality goretex style rain gear is essential for comfortable fishing in Alaska

Fleece Pants and Tops: think layers and warmth. The warm layered tops are more important and pants may not be necessary if you are using the long underwear below, but if you plan on wade fishing from the bank in front of the lodge or have bank fishing charters scheduled, bringing heavy weight long underwear pants  or light fleece pants is a good idea.

Long Underwear: bring both tops and bottoms. My favorite is Capilene by Patagonia, but lots of options out there. The key is being warm, dry and comfortable no matter what the conditions may be.

Fleece caps and gloves

Socks: bring warm ones and try not to get by wearing two pairs and dont rely on cotton to keep your feet warm. Costco usually has merino wool sock packs for a great price

Polarized Glasses

Toiletries & Medicines


Alaska Fishing Tackle:

We provide all tackle, flies etc. on guided fishing trips. We also are the only lodge we know of on the Kenai Peninsula who offers deluxe Simms waders and boots for you to use on your fishing trips as well as for fishing in front of the lodge! While we have over a dozen pairs, you may still wish to bring your own especially if you have really large boots (over size 13) or if there are several large people in your group.

However, you may wish to bring the following so you can fish the many creeks and rivers nearby after charters:

Spinning Rod: Med/Med-Light (8-17lb is ideal) 8′-9′
Spinning Reel: with good drag and 20-30lb braided line
Lures: Blue Fox Vibrax Spinners: #4 & #5, silver blades w/ orange, silver bodies
Leader: 10-25lb

Misc. Tackle: Med Swivels

Fly Rods: 6-7 weight, 9’-10’

Floating Lines: which can be weighted 1-2 line sizes heavier to make casting indicators easier. There are also many excellent indicator lines (get one in your rod weight since they are already overweighted) available these days and would be a good idea to get one and practice with it. On the Kenai River we use 10’ 7wt rods with 11’ leaders, (2-3) 3/0 split shot and large Thingamabob indicators.

Float and Ceterpin Fishermen – Call me for suggestions