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Alaska Salmon Fishing Trips

Our awesome Alaska salmon fishing trips are fully guided…Just show up with a license and get ready to fish!

The Kenai River is home to some of the worlds largest Salmon, hosting not one, but two runs each of king, red, and silver salmon not to mention ridiculous amounts of pink salmon every other year. In fact, as a testament to being Alaska’s top salmon river, the Kenai River holds world records for 3 out of the 4 salmon species that return to it! Moreover, there are also several more productive salmon rivers and saltwater fisheries within easy access providing both diverse and reliable fishing opportunities for our guests all summer long.

Guided Kenai Salmon Fishing TripsPrice
Full Day (8 hrs or limited out)$295 / person
Half Day (5 hours or limited out)$250 / person

King (Chinook) Salmon: Late May – July 

King salmon are the largest Pacific salmon and the 97 1/4 pound world record and many other beasts were caught right here on the Kenai River. Kenai Kings typically weigh from 25-50 plus pounds with many hooked by our guests in the 50-70 pound class over the years. The local coastal streams and ocean kings generally weigh from 5-35 plus pounds. All of them are a thrill to catch!

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Red (Sockeye) Salmon: Mid June – Mid August

Sockeye are probably the hardest fighting freshwater fish and they taste great too! We target first run red salmon in mid June on the Kasilof and Russian Rivers. By early July the second run of red salmon start arriving on the Kenai River. For the next few weeks hundreds of thousands to over a million Kenai River red (sockeye) salmon provide steady to excellent action.

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Silver (Coho) Salmon: August – September

The Kenai River produces very consistently from August to the end of September and the coastal streams offer good silver salmon fishing too. We use both light spinning tackle and fly rods to target silver salmon and they are a blast to catch with their acrobatics and strong runs.

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Pink (Humpy) Salmon: Late July-September (even numbered years)
Millions of pink salmon return to the Kenai River every other year and bite nearly anything you toss at them. Ranging from 3-10 lbs pinks provide non-stop fishing action.